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Good SEO features can make or break an online store. Every experienced online store owner knows how important it is to get free search traffic from Google and other search engines.

The sort of features you should be looking for in an SEO shopping cart include:

  • Friendly URLs. is bad, is good.
  • All product images should have "alt" text behind them which helps with SEO and with some disabled users.
  • Creates a "sitemap.xml" file for you.
Not all of the shopping cart software listed below are guaranteed to have all these SEO features, but most will have most of them.

Some shopping carts need to have some of their SEO features turned on. For example, Zen Cart SEO features such as friendly URLs are off by default but can be turned on, where as Interspire SEO features are all on by default.

You can also use our search function to compare all of our free & commercial shopping carts, or refine your selection by operating system or language such as ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, Perl or Cold Fusion.

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