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Premium Web Cart, Inc.

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Company name Premium Web Cart, Inc.
Plan name Premium Web Cart
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User reviews Reviewed by: FH
"PremiumWebCart’s customer support in March 2012 is terrible. I have this pet peeve on awful customer support and I really want to get word out there when this happens. Our company spent some days checking out the system. Of course, we had a lot of questions to ask since we’re looking to see how our business process will be affected by the new system. Well, our questions remain unanswered to this day. The only thing we got from their live chat is the automated response, “How can I help you today?” from operator Jessica (and it was always Jessica). We called their number complained about their live chat. The response we got is, “What do you do on spring break?” Huh?!!!? We were also told that the live chat operators are outsourced and are not in the same office. Not that this information helped their cause. And why would anyone schedule a system upgrade during peak business hours on a business day? That’s hours of lost business and clearly shows lack of concern for customer needs. The people answering their phone do not even know that the system was not functional during the “upgrade” and merely said that they didn’t know the schedule of the programmers/tech team. Bad customer support makes me seriously doubt the integrity of the PWC company."

Review date: March, 2012

Reviewed by: Bill
"I was looking for something better than 1Shoppingcart because I was sick and tired of the way they kept adding costs and removing service. A short Google search later and I came across an add for Premium Web Cart and then I saw a few Premium Web Cart reviews and I gave their trial a chance. Right away I knew these guys were product marketers at heart because they anticipated all the things I needed in a sales system and made it point and click simple to get my cart up and running in less than 15 minutes. Now granted, I'm pretty good with a computer but there was really nothing needed other then filling in some forms and then saving. Since I use a multi-website strategy in my business, and take niche marketing to an extreme, there really is no other system out there that does what these guys let me do. To be able to run unlimited copies of their software, so each site is 100% unique is an incredible value to me. The fact no other company works this way is incredible to me as I would not be profitable today if I had to rely on one website or pay an individual license fee for each of the websites I operate."

Review date: October, 2011

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Price per month $39.97/month
Setup cost Free


Disk space Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited
Backups Daily
Included SSL Included in the price


Product limit Unlimited
Multi language No
Gift certificates Yes
Discount coupons Yes
Wish list Yes
Customer registration No
Digital goods Yes
Product options Yes
Site search Yes
Search engine friendly Yes
Affiliates program Yes
Product reviews Yes
Newsletters Yes
Content management Yes
Design features Premade themes or can do your own
Bulk upload Yes


Shipping price range Yes
Shipping weight range Yes
UPS lookup Yes
USPS lookup Yes
Fedex lookup Yes

Tax & Payment

Tax by state Yes
Tax by country Yes
Payment gateway No - have to use 3rd party gateways
Transaction costs $0


Customer forums No
Free support Yes
Paid support No
Training supplied Yes


Traffic reports No
Sales reports Yes
Search reports Yes
Low stock reports Yes
Inventory reports Yes



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