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Company name Americommerce
Plan name AmeriCommerce Steel AmeriCommerce Bronze AmeriCommerce Silver AmeriCommerce Gold AmeriCommerce Platinum
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Average review score
User reviews Reviewed by: Kathy
"I have to say I would not recommend this company. They actually did designs which they coulnd't implement. Most things couldn't be cusotmized and looked unfinished/unprofessional. When I asked for a specific report which should have been standard they quoted $1,000-$2,000. As stated with the other review they then told me it would be globally available meaning you pay for the customized feature and then everybody else gets it for free. So basically you are paying for the development for their company. Also, dont be looking for good support. Every time I called for help in setting up a page I rarely got a live person and when I did they referred me to an article. No one would take the time and walk me through anything on the phone. Also, the admin panel is not easy. We used CS Cart before thinking of switching over. After 2 months of trying to get it to look ok we decided to walk away from the money we put into it and stick with CS Cart."

Review date: June, 2011

Reviewed by: Joe
"I have to disagree with the review above. The fact that one of their employees, who knows their business processes better than anyone, trusts the cart with not one but two of her own personal stores only strengthens my faith in the cart. AmeriCommerce is far from perfect, but honestly there are just far too many business models out there to possibly create the perfect cart. I find it hard to believe the reviews that bash this cart as every feature I have run across has worked as I would expect it to, wouldn’t surprise me if another cart planted them. The only way you could get off with calling the features “incomplete” is if you wanted to do something outlandish with them, but even then they allow you FREE access to the admin console for a full two weeks which should be plenty of time to get a feel for the features you need and make an educated decision from there. The customer support is also above industry standard and anyone who has had a bad experience with it has either been a jerk, no matter how professional a person is no one goes out of their way to help someone who doesn’t appreciate your time, or has wanted something outlandish without paying anything. Every business owner here knows what it is like to deal with a bad customer who wants more than agreed upon for less than they paid. My advice, get the free trial, contact the sales staff, and make an educated decision based off what you need and what they provide."

Review date: December, 2009

Reviewed by: Michael
"Bad design, bad architecture and bad support. Tech department rarely provides good service. We signed up for the featured advertised and found that most don't exist, don't work, or are full of bugs. Paid a lot of money for so-called customizations and turns out we were paying for them to build the features they promised on their site. Its a scam. It was an expensive lesson. Be ware of planted reviews. Reviews by Manjulah are from someone who actually works for the company. That is not cool. Found many other options where the cart really delivers what it promises. Happy to be gone and hope others don't have to deal with it. Shop around and talk to real customers before taking the plung. "

Review date: November, 2009

Reviewed by: Cynthia
"Our store highly recommends the shopping cart for our business. Their product is affordable and has many user friendly features and additional features being added all the time. From processing orders to tracking our inventory we couldn’t be more impressed. Our customers can also track their orders and view their order history online by simply logging into their account. We have had nothing but the best response from their Tech Support Department, they haven’t let us down yet. I personally have dealt with most of them and each is very patient, knowledgeable and seems to keep up with the latest technology. Best of all, our site has seen no down time, now that is saying something. We looked for quite some time for a shopping cart company to meet the criteria we were looking for and we can’t tell you how pleased we are with our decision to go with AmeriCommerce. We can say this with experience as we signed up with this company in 2006. Cynthia "

Review date: April, 2009

Reviewed by: Manjula
"I run two websites on AmeriCommerce's platform. It's a great solution and a company with solid integrity. I've done a detailed review of their cart and features, in the articles section of this site ( - I wouldn't want to repeat myself here - you can read the detailed review at: Good luck with your search!"

Review date: January, 2008

Reviewed by: Denise
"This cart has been amazing, they do custom development when needed and you get new features almost every day! We have 100,000 products, and over 65 million variant skus on our site and many interesting variations of the product page and category pages across multiple websites that all share the same backend. So for us they were one of the few places that even offered consolidated management, but even better was how they allowed some really advanced design flexibility. Highly recommend checking it out at least."

Review date: January, 2008

Reviewed by: BillyBean
"Good Points Would be OK for a site that has a couple of products. Bad Points Poor Communication - Rating D (some of my emails NEVER got answered) Tech Support - Rating D (several issues took up to 2 months to resolve). General Comments Buyer beware! If you do go with, go on a month to month agreement, nothing long term. Because you will want to leave. I just don't want anyone else to get burned like I did. "

Review date: November, 2007

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Price per month $24.95/month $39.00/month $99.00/month $149.00/month $299.00/month
Setup cost Free


Disk space 250 Mb 1024 Mb 1024 Mb 2048 Mb 5120 Mb
Bandwidth 2048 Gb/month 3072 Gb/month 15360 Gb/month 25600 Gb/month 51200 Gb/month
Backups None
Included SSL Included in the price


Product limit 100 3072 5000 10000 Unlimited
Multi language No
Gift certificates Yes
Discount coupons Yes
Wish list Yes
Customer registration Yes
Digital goods Yes
Product options Yes
Site search Yes
Search engine friendly Yes
Affiliates program Yes
Product reviews Yes
Newsletters Yes
Content management Yes No No No No
Design features Premade themes or can do your own
Bulk upload No


Shipping price range Yes
Shipping weight range Yes
UPS lookup Yes
USPS lookup Yes
Fedex lookup Yes

Tax & Payment

Tax by state Yes
Tax by country Yes
Payment gateway Included gateway available or 3rd party
Transaction costs None


Customer forums Yes
Free support Yes
Paid support No
Training supplied Yes


Traffic reports Yes
Sales reports Yes
Search reports Yes
Low stock reports No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inventory reports Yes



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