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Company name #1 Shopping Cart Elite
Plan name Shopping Cart Elite Starter Shopping Cart Elite Enterprise Shopping Cart Elite Marketplace
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User reviews Reviewed by: Domenic
"We are a builder and contractor supply servicing the construction industry since 1991. Mostly, we were worried about messing with a good thing. We already had a site that had worked well for us. We were most concerned about loosing SEO ranking and possibly upsetting existing customers. We switched the DNS settings and then waited nervously. We then sent out a mass email to our existing customers and used the SCE discount module to offer each a 5% discount off their first purchase. The reaction was excellent! The nerves went away quickly as we saw the site perform well! Since switching 95% of the customer feedback has been great! And according to our SEO company, we are ranking very well for the targeted keywords. The 301 Redirect Module and "Discovery" within SCE was extremely helpful with that. The feature I like best is the Bulk Product Uploads and Changes. I am thrilled with the amount of time it saves me! The marketing apps are also great. We have used SCE to list our products on Amazon and adding our products to Google Shopping was extremely easy and so far has been very effective. Discounts - The SCE Discount Module is very good. Unlike discounts on most platforms the discounts here can be customized and filtered greatly, ie. by region, weight, product, category and so on. Very useful!"

Review date: September, 2016

Reviewed by: Thomas
"The reason I went with shopping cart elite after I checked out several other platforms is first, I felt like it was the complete package, inventory, website, marketing..... another thing was showing me how to save time with quicker shipping and back office details. The last thing was when I talked to Igor I felt he was way superior over any one of the other companies as far as understanding my business itself. I would reason the staff, the complete package that the software does. It is intimidating at first and still is at time but the more I do and learn the more possibilities I see for growth of our company in the very near future!!! I don't even think we are 10% of the capabilities of SCE, best thing is we have had tons of issues and everyone works to fix them and Igor of course is always there for me any time of the day. I spend years of researching for a platform that I could sell in all the marketplaces and I have tried so many trials. First what kept me coming back to SCE was first the value, second that the software is not just a simple software. I knew it was going to be a learning experience to take our systems and install them with SCE, yes it was a challenge, but we also have over 30,000 SKU's so it was no small task to put each and everyone of them into the SCE software. The best part of SCE if you have an issue is they will respond and fix it or in our case they customized many things on the software just to help us with our situation. The development of the software is on going, a couple times a month they will do an update on it weather it is for more speed, talking to selling channels, easier listing items."

Review date: July, 2016

Reviewed by: Shane
"Im the owner of Red Lion Motorsports LLC, an aftermarket car parts retail website and we distribute for over 1,000 brands at over 2 million parts available. I found that SCE was the best shopping cart program available. Its the best user friendly program, and the support they offer is top notch. The tutorials they make available really lend to their user friendliness. Also, design quality, money friendly, and most importantly the SCE team is operating under a lattice. Meaning you can approach any one associate and ask for their opinion or advice, if they dont know the answer themselves they will put you in contact with the right person. I have learned a lot from SCE and couldnt imagine building my website without them. In my experience SCE has provided me with great support and answered any questions for me quickly and efficiently. Just from the amount I have learned has been a great experience. I have recommended SCE to many other CEOs and friends looking to start a business. Again the user-friendly side of SCE makes it great. The back office design and all it includes for the price cant be beat."

Review date: May, 2016

Reviewed by: Patrick
"We sell wallpaper and fabric. My only apprehension before using Shopping Cart Elite was I thought the system was not user friendly at first glance. I decided to give it a try and my issues with its user friendliness improved. SCE has a lot of great features and I like the Shopping Feeds the most. The Support Desk, Custom Quotes, Design, and Batch Update I also really like. The migration was stressful but I'm happy with the results. It has the most potential for growth compared to other shopping carts. Also, I have been really happy with the SCE staff."

Review date: March, 2016

Reviewed by: Michael
"Shopping Cart Elite has every feature you can think of. If you manage to come up with something they have it, and it will benefit your customers. Or all you have to do is call them and they will add the feature. The tutorials in SCE are great and make the set-up and use easy and at your own pace. If you have a question about anything that the tutorials cant answer just call. Definitely an A+ in customer service!"

Review date: February, 2016

Reviewed by: PowersSecurity
"My favorite feature of Shopping Cart Elite is the employee management module. I can delegate tasks to my employees, manage their time on the system, and monitor their work. Shopping Cart Elite was very easy to set up. Our website was up and running in a matter of days. The video tutorials make it very easy to find the topic you are looking for and get the help you need. "

Review date: June, 2015

Reviewed by: Brandon
" My favorite feature is the continual updates in software. This allows me to always be one step ahead of other older programs and website shopping carts. They always have the latest in ideas and new programing to keep the ranking on the first page. There is a step by step tutorial showing you all the steps along with the process in the continual growing backend We have been with them for quite some time now and grown together like a family. Any questions I have ever had have been always answered in a timely manner the same day. There is also an extensive data base of knowledge on the backend with over a hundred teaching videos and PDF files to keep you up to date with the knowledge of how to get your site ranking in the top five and stay there. Easy to navigate through and set up all parameters of a website. Thanks, SCE"

Review date: June, 2015

Reviewed by: Greg
"The Shopping Cart Elite (SCE) software is a user-friendly product that is very powerful. The program was designed to allow a website owner to have a "one-stop shop" with the back-office and the website in one place. I think that's what impressed me most about the product. The other thing that impressed me about the SCE software is the customer support. The CEO, Igor Soshkin, has made it his company's goal to see that all SCE subscribers succeed. Igor and his team have done a fantastic job just being there when a new website owner is getting started."

Review date: April, 2015

Reviewed by: Kelvin
"I love that Shopping Cart Elite offers resource after resource on functionality that allows me to make real-time changes. When logging into the SCE Launcher, it is really helpful that the video tutorials are avaliable any time I need them. The user interface is well-designed and offers an easy-to-use experience each time I need to go in and make a change. It was extremely helpful that the data share feature is available! I can't say enough how easy it was to choose the brand of wheels I needed to set up, and have all the images and fitment information automatically appear on my website. That feature alone saved me countless hours of setup time! Please check out now!"

Review date: April, 2015

Reviewed by: Zohaib Mahmood
"The Marketplace in Shopping Cart Elite is like the cherry on top with the ability to submit data feeds from your Shopping Cart Elite software directly to Google Base, The Find, and Bing Shopping, which is essential if you want to start recieving FREE traffic immediatly. Also in the Shopping Cart Elite Marketplace is easy integration to post your products to Ebay, Amazon, and others. Shopping Cart Elite not only provides a complete shopping cart platform but makes it easy to start making sales right away, and that is why we start ecommerce websites in the first place. When a customer has a question they can always communicate with you via live chat, because Shopping Cart Elite has that already built in. There is also a click to call feature which is helpful, and if that does not satisfy the customers demand to communicate there is always the very helpful support desk built in. Many shopping cart programs offer credit card processing as the only option whereas on Shopping Cart Elite you can offer your customers multiple options for payment including PayPal, e-check, and Google checkout beside credit card processing. It is essential to offer your customers different options to pay, and Shopping Cart Elite took care of that without having to ask for it. Their is also a registration process at checkout with built in automatic auto-responders so you can stay in touch with your customers, and easily locate your repeat buyers to offer them coupons, gift certificates, and or other incentives to encourage consumer loyalty programs. "

Review date: March, 2015

Reviewed by: Larry
"My experience with Shopping Cart Elite has been very good. I’ve been impressed with the many tutorials provided to get me through all aspects of setting up my website The back office used to run your store is very straightforward and easy to use. They also provide many other tools and tutorials on how to manage and market your websites. The best feature in my opinion is the ease and speed of adding products to my site. "

Review date: March, 2015

Reviewed by: Jeff
"One of my favorite features of shoppingcartelite is the google,bing and the find submission. It was easy to set up and gave me instant traffic to my website. Because of this feature I had sales my first week in business. Shoppingcartelite has many excellent features and easy to understand tutorials for all of them. Not to mention they have the best support I have ever seen from any shopping cart company. Even the CEO of shopping cart elite has been there to answer questions and has given great advise. "

Review date: March, 2015

Reviewed by: Brian Stypula
"When I was planning on starting an online business, I looked at a few back office products. When I came across Shopping Cart Elite, I was extremely impressed with the layout and user friendly set up of the program. The most impressive part of the system was the “Product Setup” area. It was extremely easy to navigate, and simple to edit different products and brands. Another area where Shopping Cart Elite seems to excel is in the service, and training. I have never seen an online company, of any type, that wants YOU to succeed with their product. They are always there if you need help, they are only a phone call, or email away. In this fast paced environment it’s easy to get lost in your travels to success. "

Review date: March, 2015

Reviewed by: vincent douglas
"What has proven to be my most favorite feature within Shopping Cart Elite is their willingness to provide that true one on one hands on support through several programs allow my support team can come on my website and enter their number and the software can connect both of us using the SCE and they can see and understand what my problem is, then physically show where solution is while helping me apply it and see the results, now that’s a true coach, teach and mentor support group. Without their professional and dedicated commitment to my success everything else is just space garbling. The thing that really is amazing is how with me giving them just alittle personal background, a partial design and color scheme desire they put together an amazing Website design for me, it’s truly astonishing to see your vision what you believe in and stand for ” Strength and Patriotism ” well being a soldier for the last 30 years I had to stand up and salute, but I’ll let you be the judge just go to, which is what I love the most about Shopping Cart Elite and what has been accomplished up to this point, and as for the level of difficulty in the set up of it all, it was so fast, easy and most of all fulfilling that it was like an eagle soaring through the sky fast, strong and smooth that you start to have pleasant vision and ideas even as you sleep. "

Review date: March, 2015

Reviewed by: Mark
"I would highly recommend this one."

Review date: March, 2015

Reviewed by: Michael
"Shopping Cart Elite is a great program for users on all levels. It is easy to start setting up your website in the begining. Most importantly they offer numbers free tutorials to help improve your website and optimize your website ratings. The program can become very intense if you choose to explore every option. There are several different ways to use this program, all of which is up to you. It can simply be used to host and upload products to your website, or you can choose to use it to its full capacity and keep track of suppliers, customers, and even employees."

Review date: September, 2014

Reviewed by: Michael
"My store,, started as a pipe dream when my son and I decided to do a renovation project on his International Scout. Since we had such a hard time finding parts and accessories for what we needed, I decided there was a demand for this kind of site. Of course the site has evolved since then, but in just 4 short months we have over 400 products and averaging 130 visitors a day. I tested many shopping cart programs out there. Some seemed very user friendly and others had a robust back end order processing and SEO setup. The only problem was there wasn't a site that had both. Not until I found SCE. In the beginning I thought SCE had more features than I would, or even could, ever use. However as my website evolved and my understanding of website development and traffic building increased, I knew I chose the right program. "

Review date: September, 2014

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Price per month $0.00/month
Setup cost Free


Disk space 0 Mb 500 Mb 3072 Mb
Bandwidth 0 Gb/month 5120 Gb/month 51200 Gb/month
Backups Daily
Included SSL Included in the price


Product limit Unlimited
Multi language No
Gift certificates Yes
Discount coupons Yes
Wish list No
Customer registration No
Digital goods Yes
Product options Yes
Site search Yes
Search engine friendly Yes
Affiliates program Yes
Product reviews No
Newsletters Yes
Content management No
Design features Premade themes or can do your own
Bulk upload Yes


Shipping price range Yes
Shipping weight range Yes
UPS lookup No
USPS lookup No
Fedex lookup No

Tax & Payment

Tax by state Yes
Tax by country Yes
Payment gateway Included gateway available or 3rd party
Transaction costs None


Customer forums Yes
Free support No
Paid support No
Training supplied Yes


Traffic reports Yes
Sales reports Yes
Search reports Yes
Low stock reports No
Inventory reports Yes



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