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Your Web host and your Shopping Carts: Friend or Foe?

Your Web host and your Shopping Carts: Friend or Foe?

When choosing shopping cart software, you will need to take your web host into consideration. You do not want to purchase shopping cart software until you know for sure that it is compatible with your web host servers, and that you will be able to set it up on the server. Making your purchase without having the proper information is not advised.

Many webhosts offer free shopping carts. You should thoroughly check out the features to make sure it’s a suitable shopping cart – you often get what you pay for. You should note two things about using the shopping cart provided by your web host. First, if you need to change hosts, the shopping cart may not easily move with you. Second, in most cases, your web host will not offer support for the shopping cart.

If you have decided that the shopping cart offered by your web host is not for you, your search is just beginning, and Ecommerce Spot can help you with that search. You will need to know several things about your web host while conducting your search, such as whether your website is hosted on a linux or windows server. Contact your web host to find out the information about the server. You should also ask about having SSL set up on your account, this is often required by the shopping cart. Sometimes there is an additional monthly fee for enabling SSL.

Find out what technology (ASP, PHP, CGI, ASP.NET, etc) are supported and which database (MySQL, SQL Server, Access, etc), and if applicable, what versions. Most shopping cart software will require at least one of each of these to be available. Armed with that list of technologies from your web host, you can use that to search on this site and make a short list.

Make sure that you want to use your current web host for your ecommerce activities before setting up your shopping cart. If they are not using the most up-to-date software for their dedicated servers and operating systems, you need to find a new host.

By communicating with your web host during your shopping cart selection process, you will avoid many problems that could occur after your purchase. If your web host is uncommunicative, you should look for a new host. If they cannot communicate with you to help ensure that you purchase the right shopping cart software, they probably won't be very communicative when you run into website related problems later on.

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