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osCommerce Review

osCommerce Review

Selling goods and services through an online website is increasingly surpassing the traditional way of doing business. Many companies are changing their business strategies to accommodate the new market of selling online. The challenge that they encounter with this market is choosing the right platform to help them break through the virtual world. There are hundreds of thousands of eCommerce provider, each delivering their unique feature and services making the selection process tough.
Today review article we are going to give an in-depth examination on osCommerce as your preferred eCommerce platform. Friendly reminder, each platform has their benefits and limitations.

OsCommerce is a simple and straightforward eCommerce platform that allows you to create and sell products online freely. It's an open-source shopping cart which is flexible and fully customizable to each user specific needs. However, its scalability is limited. OsCommerce is PHP base software that is downloadable to install on your server. It is mainly suitable for small to medium businesses, but large businesses are also welcome to osCommerce platform.

OsCommerce Price

osCommerce is popular platform because it's a free and open-source eCommerce shopping cart, which allows the user to sell online freely. The only charges you should bear in mind are, hosting, security, domain name, and maintenance. At some point, you will also need a developer to dig deep into the source code to customize a unique online store for online business.

osCommerce Ease-to-use

osCommerce is easy to use, easy to get running and easy to tweak the way you want it, but there are a few negative reviews on this point. When it comes to reliability and scalability and when your product reaches a certain size, your website might start cracking. The backend of the store is seemingly clean, but you should not expect something elegant and intuitive admin panel. Rather the admin panel is dated, but it does the job flawlessly. Most developers report struggling with several aspects of the shopping cart. However, we should know that each eCommerce platform has their pros and cons and osCommerce is not immune to this element.

osCommerce Features

After downloading and installing osCommerce; the shopping cart comes with essential eCommerce features for an eCommerce business website. This feature includes product catalog that offers an unlimited number of products, product categories, reviews, customer management, currency and language settings, tax handling, order processing, reports, some advanced tools like cache control, banner, database backups, security checks, etc.
The plus side of using osCommerce, since it's an open-source platform you can quickly add 3rd party features you need. It also has an active community that helps better the platform. OsCommerce currently has over 7000 add-ons available for free to download on your website. OsCommerce default payment gateways are PayPal, and it also integrates with various gateways such as SagePay, Dwolla, Amazon Checkout, etc. You can also expect to ship out your products with reliable shippers like FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

osCommerce Customer Support

Firstly, osCommerce has an active community forum with over 280 000 members that include developers, store owners and service providers to help you solve your daily issues using the platform. You can also get help using Live Chat with a community member. osCommerce documentations are also available where you will find all the information for setting up an osCommerce store

OsCommerce bottom line

Even though osCommerce has its shares of positive and negative reviews, you can create a good looking eCommerce website for free using their platform. It's an open-source eCommerce platform that allows you access to their source code which you can modify as per your requirements. I will recommend osCommerce to business owners who want to test their viability to sell products online and small to medium business that do not have the financial means to use more advanced eCommerce platform.

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