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The Funnel Effect – Making Customers Buy

The Funnel Effect – Making Customers Buy

Well, I never thought selling can be so tough before I went ahead and started a business of my own. That was a while back but I never forget the lesson that customer is always right – even if he doesn’t buy a dollar’s worth from you. How you make a customer buy is mainly an art with some science and logic cementing the sales process. As regards a website, it is your store on the internet highway. The beauty of a website is that you can change things pretty fast to meet customer demand. An interesting part of this sales process is the funnel effect.

What is funnel effect?

Usually a customer drops-in on your website through the home page. Thereafter the customer is faced with several options. One of them is to pull out and exit. This would mean a waste of effort in getting him to the website in the first place. Obviously this has to be avoided which is easier said than done. The funnel effect is to design web pages in such a way that they engage the visitor. This can be done with persuasion. If a customer decides to exit despite your engagement he must be offered alternatives and options. This will enable you to suck him into the sales funnel. At this stage a prospective customer would explore other alternatives and choices rather than exit your website. The final stage of this funnel is to provide incentives and discounts. This option must not be cosmetic. Genuine bargains can never be ignored by people especially women. Providing the right incentive can tilt the balance towards a sale.

All roads lead to a sale

The design of a website should be such that whatever be the entry point of a visitor, he must be driven towards  mouth of sales funnel. It is essential therefore to provide them with different and attractive offers on every page. This methodology has been successfully followed by many commercial websites. For example, ‘Deal of the day’, is an excellent funnel effect. By providing heavy discount on a specific product, you can drive massive amount of traffic to it. In practice, even visitors who are looking for other products get sucked into this funnel. Once again, the offer has to be genuine and must be striking. In one such experiment, a website sold 50000 pen drives in a matter of five hours. Obviously, visitors who never wanted a pen drive were pushed unwittingly into the sales funnel.


You must design a website in the form of a funnel. Visitors must be enticed to remain on your page and must be compelled to explore other products. In practice, a buyer would usually go for a product he initially intended to buy but 20% would end up buying some other stuff altogether. This 20% is what would make money for you. If you lose a visitor now, your chances of making him visit again are bleak. It must be your endeavor to make every visitor buy. The funnel effect is your best bet to make him buy. 

This article has been written by Nitin Aggarwal, the owner and webmaster of Offshore Ally. He is one of the leading providers of virtual assistant and SEO link builders. He is interested in Internet marketing techniques and enjoys blogging. Connect with him via Twitter.

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