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How to create an email newsletter program to get more repeat customers

Email newsletters = $

Small online shops often focus on getting new customers. New customers are obviously important for any business. However, you already have a great source of income out there - customers who have already bought from you. Some studies have shown that it costs 4 times (more in some industries) as much to get a sale from a new customer as from an existing customer. Our profit per customer calculator can help you work out how much more you can make by getting more repeat sales. Probably the best way to get repeat sales from your existing customers is usng an email newsletter. So how do you build an email newsletter?

Many shopping carts have the ability to collect customer email addresses and send out an email

By offering the customer something ... you'll get a lot more people signing up.
newsletter. It's usually simply a matter of turning on a function in your shopping cart to offer them the ability to sign up to your newsletter. You might want to include some copy to entice them to sign up, such as:
"To find out about our latest discounts and new products, sign up for our newsletter".
By offering the customer something - the promise of future discounts, hot industry news, or something else that appeals to your customers you'll get a lot more people signing up.

The next thing you need to do is fulfill the promise you've made! I don't know about you, but when I get a newsletter which is all "buy, buy, buy", and gives me nothing, I usually unsubscribe. Make sure every newsletter gives your customers something. Make it good enough, and your customers might even start forwarding it to their friends, creating new customers for you. You should always make sure to include at least one compelling reason to visit your site - a new product, a special offer, a free download - something to bring them in.

Make sure your newsletter is sent out regularly. Decide a frequency and stick to it. Monthly is often a good bet, but it depends on your industry & customers. If you aren't confident in your writing skills, get someone to help, or check out a site like Kranz Communications which has some good hints for first time writers.

Last but not least, make sure you are familiar with the privacy laws in your country. Privacy is a big deal these days and many countries are creating newer, stricter laws that often carry huge fines for violators. Keep your customers happy, and keep them coming back!

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