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What’s the best Dreamweaver Shopping Cart Software for your Online Shop?

What's the best Dreamweaver Shopping Cart for me?

If you are a big fan of Dreamweaver, then you may want to use shopping cart software that has great Dreamweaver integration. Dreamweaver shopping cart software does have some limitations, but there are some great packages out there.

MX Kart is a specialist Dreamweaver shopping cart designed from the ground up to integrate with Dreamweaver. Sales Cart and Ecommerce Templates are another two Dreamweaver shopping carts. They are both decent carts and given their focus on Dreamweaver support they both have good suport for Dreamweaver templates.

There are certain aspects of running a shopping cart that's hard to do in Dreamweaver or by using a Dreamweaver shopping cart add in. For example, if you are running a site you probably want to view sales reports. You'll usually still need to enter some administration page for this to work. Doing this directly in Dreamweaver using your Dreamweaver shopping cart will generally be very difficult.

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