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Should you buy or rent your shopping cart?

Should you buy or rent your shopping cart?

When choosing the shopping cart software that is best for you and your customers, you have the option to choose a shopping cart supplied by a webhost or buy a shopping cart and host it yourself. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options.

The biggest advantage of hosted shopping carts is technical skills aren’t required to set up the shopping cart – the host does the hard work. You will not be required to provide the secure certificate, and you can get straight into setting up your shop.

The disadvantages associated with remotely hosted shopping carts is that there is usually a monthly fee that you will need to pay. You also run the risk of the host closing their business, leaving you without a shopping cart. You may be given less control over your shopping cart pages which may make it difficult to match the shopping cart design to be similar to your website.

If you decide to use a hosted shopping cart, make sure that you check the host out thoroughly. Assure yourself they will not be accessing your customers sensitive data, or harvesting your database for their email addresses – their privacy policy is a good place to check.

The main advantages of buying shopping cart software that you host yourself is that you will not have any monthly fees, and you will usually have more control over how the pages are displayed.

Some shopping carts are very simple to install, while others may require some technical skills. The upfront costs are higher but the ongoing fees are lower.
You may also need to get a secure certificate – your webhost can usually help you with this.

No matter which option you choose, you will need to be sure that the shopping cart can be used with your merchant account. Explore all of your options for your shopping cart, and choose the one that will best serve the needs of you and your customers, based on what your business can afford.

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