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The Web Shop Manager Review

The Web Shop Manager Review

Web Shop Manager is web design e-commerce solution aimed for small to medium e-commerce businesses. The industry they targets are automotive solutions, Powersport solutions, manufacturer, and B2B businesses. They offer cloud hosting services customizable web design that is scalable and flexible. The team at WSM can design any website for any type of business that is within your financial budget. You will get a personal manager that will oversee your project during the process of design. If it comes to pricing, WSM is a flexible system and can accommodate business from startups, medium and large business.

The website design with WSM includes custom designs, mobile optimized design, custom logos, social media designs, conversion architecture and user experience architecture. WSM will help you build an easy to use a system that is fully functional just as you would like it to work. During the development period, WSM will take over your project, giving you more time to concentrate on another aspect of your e-commerce business. Their system comes with strong security measures that are PCI compliance, SSL security and excellent maintenance support system for your website.

An e-commerce website is never complete system without features. WSM gives the opportunity to easily sell your products online with the right tools right under your thumb. Whether is in-house build in applications or integration, they will sure solve your daily grind by providing you with the best tools in the market. Their product management system offer features such as inventory and product management, inventory tracking, batch update, custom attributes, photo gallery, automatic image resizing, etc. Their checkout and order processing features give customers an easy and flexible checkout method that include, one-page checkout, guest checkout, order confirmation emails, automated email confirmation, order tracking, credit card payment methods, Secure Sockets Layers, etc.

WSM offers integration opportunities to increase your e-commerce experiences. Some of the integration you will find by using WSM solutions are; shipping integration, inventory updates, real-time integrations of orders through API, address verification through a payment gateway, live chat integration, etc.

They also offer some of the best accounting and ERP integration through their API to make sure that all your data are easily synchronized into a readable format to measure your daily sales. Integration options include Stone Edge, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, ADP Lightspeed, Mass 90, Sage, Fuse 5, etc.

Your website visibility is what drives WSM developers to develop the best appealing and attractive website. WSM offers SEO- friendly tools to help increase your website visibilities to sell more products. Search engine visibility features include SEO Optimizer, XML Sitemaps, search friendly designs, social "like" buttons, Google Analytics, coupon and promotion, discount, etc.

Selling auto parts have recently been a rapid business opportunity, and many have utilized this to their advantages. If you are in the automotive e-commerce industry, then WSM will surely give you some of the best e-commerce experience in the market. WSM offers the best user experience in auto parts and accessory search. Tools such as Advanced Guided Search gives customers guided navigation to quickly and accurately search their specific party or accessory without any hick-ups. The Year Make Model lookup can quickly filter search results for customers on your website. This narrow your search results with , year, make, and model, to provide customers to easily search your products through millions of products.

Web Shop Manager is the right platform for you if you are looking for that personal relationship between you and your website developer. They are a company with many potential and will do anything to see the success of your business. The services they offer are designed to help grow with you, giving you the tools, support, and security to successful run your e-commerce business. Visit their website today and request a price quote for your project.

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