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Intershop Commerce Suite Review

Intershop Commerce Suite Review

Intershop Commerce Suite is an eCommerce platform that is relatively easy to setup and start running an eCommerce business. The platform has been offering eCommerce solutions since 1994. Intershop Commerce Suite is flexible, scalable and customizable to suit any business model or organizational structure. Using this platform, you can market your brands, sell your products worldwide and implement strategies to grow your business. With Intershop Commerce Suite you can expect seamless Omni-channel shopping experience for your customers.

Intershop Commerce Suite eCommerce development models

There are three different development models available to use with the Intershop Commerce Suite. Some people prefer an easy all-in-one approach, and some would like to be involved in building their eCommerce store.

1. Cloud

Intershop Commerce Suite Cloud is the fastest and easiest way to enter the eCommerce world. This solution offers the infrastructure and operates the platform as a SaaS (Software as a Service), giving you access to robust eCommerce technology functionality. The cloud base solutions offer benefits such as quick setup period, full, enterprise commerce functionality. Flexible scalability attractive pricing models, constant availability of new features, etc.

2. Managed

The Managed solution offers maximum flexibility to your eCommerce website. Intershop Commerce Suite Managed allows to decide how you want to operate your eCommerce platform; either use your hosting, Intershop hosting services or a 3rd party host provider. You have the freedom to choose your in-house services and which to outsource to Intershop. The benefit for the Managed solutions includes flexible hosting and license options, optimum use of own IT services, custom mix of resources, infinite adaptability.

3. Enterprise

The enterprise model offers unlimited freedom for you eCommerce solution. You will get maximum control of the platform enabling you to host your website in your data center and administered by your IT specialists. This model allows deep integration and detailed customization to meet your individual requirement for your business, plus retain total control of all your business-critical data. The benefits of using the Enterprise model include full platform control, universal adaptability, unlimited scalability on all business-relevant elements, deep customization, and integrations, optimum use of own IT resources.

Intershop Commerce Suite Features

The platform offers an all-in-one package approach that comprises of product information management, order management, web content management and personalized customer communications. Let looks at some Intershop Commerce Suite features in details;

  • Omni-Channel Management:enable you to manage all your channel, service, content, data, and integration with efficiency in a single system.
  • Experience Management:offers convenient features like search, filter and product configuration; that create an enjoyable shopping experience for customers. Other functions include personalized marketing campaigns like product recommendation and product advice that open new possibilities for a one-on-one approach.
  • Product Information:gather and manage product data, ensure optimum data quality and share your product data on all devices.
  • Customer Management:easily collect and manage data generated when interacting with clients and use them to boost performance like marketing campaigns, personalize communication with its customers.
  • Transaction Management:use popular payment gateways and shipping methods to receive payment and ship out customers orders.
  • Organization Management:manages users their role and rights access to the platform. You can also easily manage your international business sales and adapt flexibly to local demands.
  • Analytics & Report:keep a close watch on your key business parameters that affect business performance with web analytical tools, dashboard ad widgets, reports, etc.
  • Operational Excellence:high-security architecture, performance, and scaling infrastructure.

Intershop Commerce Suite Customer Support

Intershop offers both phone and email support each tailored to a particular region Europe and America. Intershop support agreement provides three types of Support Agreement for purchases namely; Maintenance Support, Maintenance Support Plus, and Partner Support. You can also get useful information, using Intershop knowledge base, documentations or perhaps use the ticket support system.

Intershop Commerce Suite Bottom Line

Intershop is an Omni-channel eCommerce solution that has a good track record in the eCommerce market for many years. Throughout its establishment, the platform has been evolving to meet the demand of the eCommerce world. It offers out-of-the-box eCommerce development models that are flexible and affordable to both small to large enterprises. I would recommend Intershop to a business that wants an eCommerce platform which goes an extra mile to provide individual services which help business to market and sell their product efficiently.

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