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How does Froogle help me sell more?

How does Froogle help me sell more?

You may have heard of Froogle, and if you haven't,you may have been missing out on sales. Froogle is a service offered by Google which is designed specifically to search shopping carts. It's a bit different from the normal Google search engine though. If you want to be listed in Froogle, you need to supply them information about your cart (more on that later). It's a cheap and easy way to do online shop promotion - and it's free!

People looking to buy a particular item can search for it in Froogle which will provide details about merchants selling that item and their price. For example, I recently heard about the "Fridge Phonics magnetic letter set" which I thought would be great for my young son. I went to Froogle, searched for it, found several shops selling it and bought it. If you sell that product but aren't listed on Froogle, you weren't even in the running. It's ecommerce marketing with minimal effort!

So how do you get your products listed in Froogle? Well, the first thing is that Froogle currently only works in the USA, UK and Germany. If you are outside those countries, sorry, you'll have to wait for Froogle to come to you. If you are in one of those countries, start by reading through the Froogle merchants guide to get some information. The good news is that some shopping carts are starting to automate Froogle feeds to make it painless. For example, PDG Shopping Cart will automate Froogle uploads for you.

If you have a shopping cart which doesn't support Froogle and don't want to do it the hard way, not all is lost. There are several services which will help you get your products listed in Froogle, such as Somacon's Data Feed Service, albeit with a fee attached.

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