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Demandware Reviews

Demandware Reviews

As we all know, choosing an eCommerce platform can be an overwhelming process that requires diligence study and time effort to get the perfect fit for your online business. In today in-depth reviews we are going to review Demandware as your eCommerce business solution. Demandware is cloud-based and fully hosted eCommerce platform, which means you will not need to worry about security and maintenance cost. It uses a subscription base model that is based on the revenue sharing. This means the prices for hosting your website with Demandware will be based on the profit you make from your sales. This why Demandware personals are committed in offering their clients the best quality services and help them grow into a brand business. You can actually say that Demandware is worth every cent you pay as if they do not do a great job then there will be no income for both parties. So Demandware is your third-party business partner that, make sure that you generate income for your eCommerce business. Demandware was on June 1, 2016, acquired by Salesforce, the #1 CRM to extend customers' success platform with the new Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

If you don't have the technical knowledge than Demandware is your ideal business partners as the design, security, marketing and SEO optimization is included in the cost. This allows you to concentrate on more important matters of the business dealings. Demandware is mainly tailored for large sized, enterprise level business looking for an all-inclusive customized eCommerce solution.

Demandware is an Omni - channel platform that offers out-of-the-box features for eCommerce with POS and order management into one solution. They use an open architecture which makes building a unique with limitless customization and open API for easy integrations of features that you might be lacking in the DemandWare system. Although there are still technical SEO issues on dynamic page handling, Demandware offers friendly and flexible SEO system. Their control panel is seemly easy to use that it allows the user to manage multiple storefronts from a single back end. Demandware offers highly responsive web design that works flawlessly on the tablets and phones just as it work of desktops. Other noticeable features of Demandware are; a lot of control over redirects, product management system with highly configurable product options, cross-sells & up-sells, built-in PLP merchandising, customers segmentations, inventory management, and comprehensive email management system.

Demandware has a global team of technical support and development expert that provide 24/7 customers supports to customers and partners. They have a resource center and blog that they use to keep the community up to date with information on different topics. On top of this, Demandware offers services support from their partners; Link Technology Partners which offer value-added products and innovations that integrate and complement commerce cloud; Link Services Partners which help you amplify your brand and optimize your store ranking. LINK Services Partner Programs offer 3 unique partnership types: Solution, End-to-End, and Affiliate. The bottom line, Demandware is all in one eCommerce solution, especially for large and enterprise level business. Demandware offers a unique LINK partner program that allows the customer to choose many value-added services that can improve their store. In the eCommerce market, there is no "best eCommerce platform" as your choice is guided by the nature of your business, priorities and most important, your budget. You should go out there and explore the system, talk to their support team and find out what they are offering on the table and make your decision. Do not forget to ask for testing demos as that's the best way to see if a platform really delivers what they say.

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