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BigCommerce vs Volusion

BigCommerce vs Volusion

Choosing the perfect platform for your online business will determine the whether your business will succeed or fail. As the commerce industry increases, more e-commerce platforms are also emerging in the market. BigCommerce and Volusion are major e-commerce platform players in the industry, which make it difficult to compare them against each other. Both are hosted platform with an extensive capability to power a successful e-commerce website. Since both platforms are almost evenly matched, I will be reviewing the most noticeable differences in this comparison of BigCommerce vs Volusion.

Cost of platform

Just like everybody considers the price and uses of a product before purchasing it, so do you need to carefully analyze the cost of each e-commerce platform. You need to know all the benefits and shortcomings of the cost of the platform before choosing which one to go for. Both platforms offer four plans, with Volusion starting from Min- $15, Plus-35, Pro-$75, Premium-$153 per month, while BigCommerce starts with Standard-$29.95, Plus-$79.95, Pro-$199.95, enterprise- varies depending on requirements. Even though it might be cheaper to set up with Volusion but you will have a limited number of products and bandwidth, mostly it will depend on the package plan you choose. There is no transaction fees needed and offers 14-day demo trial periods for testing without any commitments. However, BigCommerce is a bit costly to start, their service is much better Volusion. They allow you to sell unlimited products on all their plans with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space. Their demo trial period is 15-day and they do not charge any transaction fees or charges for cancellation. And another bonus discount if you pay a year in advance.


User-friendliness is an important key feature on an e-commerce platform. Everyone wants to be able to freely navigate and customize his/her shopping cart without hazards. Both platforms give you just that, but there are minimal differences. The BigCommerce user interface is simple, easy to use and intuitive that gives both novice user and advanced user to fairly play with the system to customize your shopping cart to your specific requirements. Volusion is a complex system, which could be tricky for a novice user. The level of customization is a little limited than on BigCommerce.


Both platforms provide appealing and eye-catching themes, that gives you a real attractive website. BigCommerce and Volusion both offers templates that are responsive to mobile phones and tablet, but not all the templates are responsive on with Volusion. Out of 60 paid Volusion template, only 17 are responsive and they come with a costly price. While, BigCommerce templates are all responsive.


BigCommerce offers 24/7 customer support via phone, live chat, and emails. This also includes video tutorials, knowledge base, and community forum. You can also get them through social media's. Volusion also offers 24/7 customer support via phone calls, live and emails. Their add-ons are such as knowledge base, videos and contact form You can actually say that both platforms offer solid customers supports to the client.


In some way, every e-commerce platform offers unique features to their clients. Everyone wants to be able to add different payment methods, easy checkout process, product management, analytics, etc. Both platforms offer you just that, but there are some features that can be found on BigCommerce and not on Volusion, and vice versa. BigCommerce offers an extensive long list of features, that are useful in turning your website into an awesome e-commerce business such as marketing, multi-currency support, CMS, abandoned cart reports, RMA, API, social media marketing, etc. However, features for Volusion are low in numbers, but you can always add more with third party integrations. One particularly useful feature on Volusion that stand out is the Affiliate program, which is not available on BigCommerce.


There is no exact best platform in the market, as each person has a different perception on what they think is best for themselves. In the review, you have seen that with Volusion you will be able to setup cheaper than on BigCommerce, but that should not be your all factor to consider. Some platform makes it easy to setup and milk you more money in the future to have basic e-commerce features rather than providing a complete e-commerce solution. If you are going to choose one of the above, make sure you choose the one that gives you the most value for your money and willing to grow with you. Both platforms offer a free demo period, so be sure to use it and see which user interface you are comfortable using.

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