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Thanks for your interest! We love adding new payment gateways to this site. If yours is an old product which we've somehow missed, then oops, sorry! We'll sort you out as quickly as possible. If you have a new product, congratulations and we'd love to help you get some exposure.

Help us out by filling in our template below. Please note that this information will be reviewed before going live (normally within a few days). The information will be checked and may be changed if we feel appropriate.

Please read our glossary to define what we mean with the terms below as some are subjective - don't just make it up!

If you are simply requesting a change to an existing product, or an error correction, please use the contact form.

Also note that we are interested in articles relevant to our audience - people wanting to buy shopping carts and payment gateways! Check out our article submissions page.


Company Name
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Product Name (often same as company)
Payment options
Service Type


Setup Fee
Transaction Fee
Monthly Fees
Other Fees
Minimum Withdrawal
Withdrawal fees
Chargeback fees


Base country
Supported countries
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Recurring billing
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