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About Us

Ecommerce Spot is an independent site specialising in helping you find the shopping cart right for your online business. Most other review sites have a limited selection, often based on the kick backs they get from the shopping cart provider. In contrast, we have the widest selection of shopping carts (over 200) of any site on the web. If you represent a shopping cart or know of one we've missed, please submit it and we'll add it, usually within a week.


We pride ourselves on being independent and not being influenced by shopping cart vendors. We do also make money from the site. Any promotion where there is a commercial arrangement is always clearly disclosed on the relevant page. Some links are affiliate links and they are marked as such. We'd appreciate you using the affiliate links if you plan to buy, the more we make the more effort goes into updating and maintaining the site.

Advertising and promotional opportunities include:

Google Adwords
You can target this site with your AdWords campaign, using the Google content network. This tells Google specifically to place ads on this site (if your bid is high enough). If you aren't sure how to do this in AdWords, this Google help page has information.

Sponsored Blog Postings
If you are after a mention of your product or service, I can blog about it. My comments will be independent and payment is in advance. Blog posts can include at least one do-follow link. It will be disclosed in the posting that it is sponsored. We may consider sponsored guest posts by vendors. These posts must NOT be written as advertorials, must use a high standard of english, and must provide something of value to the reader.

Sponsored Reviews
Sponsored reviews such as this one on Pinnacle Cart can be done. Given the extensive work to write such a review these are charged. Payment is required before publication to retain independence. If you aren't confident in your product I wouldn't recommend this service! We'd encourage you to link to the article and/or reuse it in other places (with attribution) to gain maximum exposure.

We will consider relevant sponsored links on a case by case basis. We have no interest in spammy links.

Banner Campaigns
We will accept direct banner campaigns, minimum spend of $US1,000.

Affiliate Programs
Please contact us if you are a vendor who is or should be on the site who has an affiliate program.

Custom Proposals
If you have another idea for partnership, please contact us.

We'd love to hear from you - send us a note.

Helping you Choose your Shopping Cart

Please note we cannot offer free consulting. If you want help selecting a cart we can help guide you through the process for a fee (minimum fee of $US200). Requests for help selecting a cart (which are received often) will otherwise typically be ignored.

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